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Last updated: February 10, 2018 at 23:47 pm

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By the time you read this editorial, the Spring Fair will be over for another year. Hope everyone who took part was happy with the results. The weather was typically very cold but in the traditional way we still had some snow!

WB Takeover
The family firm of WB Creative (Weston Beamor) has been taken over by a German firm, the same firm which owns Cooksongold, but we are assured that we will notice no difference.

We have known Patrick and Vivian Fuller for a good number of years and it has always been a pleasant experience. Their premises were for a long time directly opposite our offices in Frederick Street and very often we would communicate via ‘sign’ language through our windows.

Mark and I, and I am sure everyone else in the Quarter, wish them both a long and happy retirement and it is good to hear that Patrick will still be out and about in the Quarter for some time.

Alabaster & Wilson Closes
This company is closing its doors for the last time and we have copied the email received from Stephen Alabaster. I am sure the whole of the Trade wishes everyone concerned all the best for a long and happy retirement.
Next month we will feature the firm of Alabaster & Wilson.

Award Due?
It is very surprising that an Award of some kind has not been given in recognition of the excellent work that Michael Allchin executed in his term as Birmingham Assay Master.

He brought in many new innovations and was the main person involved in the difficult task of moving the Assay Office to its new home and Michael always took a keen interest in everything that happened in the Jewellery Quarter itself.

Past Assay Masters have received Awards and I firmly believe that Michael is overdue for official recognition.

Please Join JQ Heritage
If you care about the Jewellery Quarter and preserving its heritage whilst taking the area forward into future, please join Jewellery Quarter Heritage – at £10.00 per annum it’s not exactly bank-breaking.

You can then display JQ Heritage Member stickers on your entrance door or window to show your support. We are sure your visitors/customers and even your own workers will appreciate this.

We are doing our part by ‘Supporting’ the appropriate new planning applications and ‘Objecting to’ those which do not comply with planning legislation for this Conservation Area.

Marie Haddleton