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The back cover is a prime position and we sell it for £190.00 per issue, we do not do series insertions at a discount to give everyone the opportunity to have a back cover.

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Because of its popularity, it can be booked online usually 6 months in advance or more below and we offer a discount for paying online in advance of 10%. If you wish to reserve a back page more than 6 issues from now please contact us

As with other adverts the deadline is the 20th of the month preceding cover date i.e. March 20th for April issue.

Whereas we used to sell the front cover and the size was different to allow for our heading strap, the back page is the full A5 size, with 4mm bleed, and is full colour.

Covers that are deemed inappropriate and poor design may be refused as not acceptable or suitable for the back cover.

Until an advert booking is confirmed, it remains available for someone else to book on this site, and may or may not show as provisionally booked.

For details on other advertising and exact sizes please click here

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